The video is 26 minutes of Spiritual Power
packed with God's Holy Spirit.

"So I Speak" newspaper articles

Praise the Lord!
He is ALIVE!

  • How do you find Peace and Happiness?
  • How do you overcome Fear?
  • How was life before God? - How is life now?

     These are questions we as human beings ask ourselves, but seldom speak of in everyday conversation.
     "So I Speak" the video confronts these questions head on.
It doesn't matter who we are, without a close and personal relationship with God we have no chance for real peace and fulfillment.
     This video witnesses from all walks of life to all walks of life. This is not the rich telling you how to become rich with God. This is not the poor telling you how to be rich with God. This is real people witnessing to you from their real lives. The goal of each celebrity, student, ex-con and in fact everyone involved in this project is to let you know the peace they have knowing God.

     The So I Speak video is a 26 minute look at how God has effected peoples lives. Personal and sincere, So I Speak will touch your soul and bring you closer to God, showing you that we all walk the same path and that God walks with us. Without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ we have no chance for Peace and Fulfillment. A combined effort of Amethyst Entertainment and Sight & Sound Productions.

This video will inspire you to seek and enhance your own personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and make you aware of His promise of everlasting life.

This 26 minutes could change your life forever!

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