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Photo Credit: Steven E. HendrixFrom the moment you hear the theme song with its riveting hook, you will be transported into the world of the greatest group of all time, The Beatles. Gary Mayes and Biz Haddock will take you away through fast paced stories shot in 16:9 digital widescreen, unfolding the world's enduring love affair with the Fab 4 who shook the world and wrote the soundtrack to our lives.

So sit back and enjoy... A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

  The Producers
The Producers
  Gary Mayes
Gary Mayes
  Vaughan Garrett
Vaughan Garrett
  Biz Haddock
Biz Haddock
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The PopCultureToday.Com TV Show: Episode One includes ALL EIGHT SEGMENTS featuring unique behind the scenes, never before seen footage.
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     The 2005 World Premiere of PopCultureToday.Com [Episode One] was a HUGE success. We are very grateful for the overwhelming support from radio, television and print media. We also want to thank all of our Beatles fans from the United States and around the world that have purchased their copy of this unique DVD, and extend our sincere thanks to everyone for your interest and enthusiasm in this wonderful project. We truly appreciate your patience and the response we have received. If you have not yet purchased your copy of this landmark television show, you can do that right now from this website. PopCultureToday.Com, the TV Show covers the absolute best in rare and hard to find memorabilia as well as take you on intimate journeys behind the scenes of some of the most exclusive places where the public normally does not have access.
     As part of our pilot episode, we will take you through John Lennon's living room as represented at the Hard Rock Cafe, Orlando, Florida. The room contains many of the contents from John and Yoko's Dakota apartment. This is a rare look at John Lennon original rarities as well as one of John's white pianos and the actual suit John wore on the cover of the Abbey Road album.
     The premier episode will also take you on the ultimate tour of the BIGGEST BEATLES COLLECTIBLE, The Magical Mystery Tour bus (shown above). The PopCultureToday.Com show production value is truly cutting edge, shot in digital widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio video with all original music. We guarantee you will be amazed and entertained. Read on for more information on all the great stories included in this pilot episode...

  Yellow Submarine Car  

     This is a true testament where a fan's inspiration meets his passion. Gary Coover created his own interpretation on the Yellow Sub theme by transforming a car into a vehicle worthy of transporting all passengers into a magical journey through Pepperland. You have to see this full story to believe it. Come join us...

John Lennon owned and worn T-shirt
Across The Universe (Segment One)
      John Lennon, pictured at right, once owned the "THIS IS NOT HERE" T-shirt pictured below. One of the things that make this show so unique is the format of dedicated segments. In this part of the show we travel across the universe and go back in time. In 1971 John and Yoko held an art exhibition in Syracuse, New York entitled: "This Is Not Here." It was designed to showcase many works of art and it contained many exhibits donated by celebrities. There was a man named Howard Sklar who showed up, talked his way into the exhibit and ended up with something he didn't expect -the actual shirt off John Lennon's back. Don't miss this.
      This item, owned and worn by John Lennon was offered for sale through PopCultureToday.Com, Inc.
      We are maintaining these pages as an archive. Please take time to look at all pages regarding this rare offering.
John and Yoko by Neal Spitzer
Original THIS IS NOT HERE T-SHIRT once owned by John Lennon

      We are proud to be able to have given someone the opportunity to own something of genuine historical significance as well as a truly important piece of rock and roll memorabilia.
This original THIS IS NOT HERE Program was included with the purchase of the shirt
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  The Festival for Beatles Fans  

     Up next, we will take a look at how fans can get involved and express their exitement and appreciation for the Fab Four. There is only one proper way to do that and that is to attend The Festival for Beatles Fans. From eight to eighty, The Beatles are still timeless.

Alan Parsons

     Alan Parsons is one of the best producers, engineers, and artists of all time. He began his association with The Beatles with the Revolver album, and was one of the first people to hold the Sgt. Pepper's master tape in his hand. Alan is a great example of how a lucky fan can take his knowledge and expreience of working around The Beatles and applying it to his own work. In this interview, he shares some of this insight. This footage will be of interest to anyone, an avid fan, or a professional in the industry. This is a man who worked within The Beatles inner circle, and went on to (among other things) engineer the Dark Side of the Moon album by Pink Floyd.

Closet Collections (Segment Two)

     This segment of the show features special one-of-a-kind collections. In this episode, we visited one of the premier Beatles collectors in the U.S. -Mark Naboshek. Mark is one of the good guys in our hobby and has become a recognized authority and published author on all things Beatles. Mark has what some collectors would call the "Holy Grail" of Beatles items, the 1964 original set list written in John's own hand. This was used for The Beatles first concert in America. Check it out!

Circular Beatles Room at The Hard Rock Cafe

     At the Hard Rock Cafe's World Headquarters in Orlando, Florida there is an unusual room. The room is circular, and is filled with rare one-of-a-kind Beatles items. We wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at this unique place. Dig this!

John Lennon "White Room"

     What a thrill to be able to show you our next story! Here is an inside look at the John Lennon White Room at the Hard Rock Cafe's World Headquarters in Orlando, Florida. This is a real treat, a recreation of John and Yoko's Dakota living room as represtented by the Hard Rock. Most of these original items came from John and Yoko, such as a white piano, and the famous white suit worn by John on the cover of the Abbey Road album. The general public does not walk through this room everyday, but you can by ordering the DVD right now!

Regular retail price $14.99
Limited Time Special Price $11.99

If paying by check or Money Order, please use our Mail Order Form

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